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Valley’s Compassionate Care in Action

                         A nine-year-old child with developmental disabilities came

                  in for a minor procedure that ordinarily would not require anesthesia — but because he was
                  very agitated, his mother indicated full sedation might be required, even though that would
                  complicate the procedure. His nurse Alexa entered and introduced herself, and he immediately
                  brightened. Thinking of the Amazon device at home, he said “Alexa, tell me a joke!” She
                  played along, telling jokes and responding to the child’s questions. In just a few short minutes,
                  his agitation subsided to the point where they could do the procedure without sedation,

                  thanks to Alexa’s intuition and compassion.
                         A thirty-four-year-old woman had tried everything to get

                  pregnant, but nothing worked. She came to Valley for in vitro fertilization (IVF) and
                  succeeded in becoming pregnant — but lost the baby at six weeks. She was devastated and
                  felt hopeless. But her doctor was undaunted, saying, “So, we’ll try again.” With just four calm,
                  assuring words, he spoke volumes about his hope, which reinspired her and her husband.

                  Today they have a daughter, “their miracle.” She said, “Everyone at Valley made me feel
                  welcome and supported. Life feels complete now.”
                         A mother’s newborn baby was in the neonatal intensive

                  care unit (NICU), diagnosed with a rare genetic mutation that comes with a grim prognosis
                  and extremely short life expectancy. Tragically, she lost her son, but she remains grateful to the
                  NICU staff for making her son’s time there and her family’s time with him not only bearable
                  — but filled with love and compassion. She says of that experience, “[The NICU staff] carry

                  themselves with a compassion and understanding that exceeds what mere mortals are equipped
                  with. The Valley NICU staff are truly the angels that walk among us.”
                            Enhancing lives by healing, caring and inspiring wellness.

                          By investing in our people, programs, facilities and technology,   At Valley, we are motivated and
                    and offering the highest quality clinical services and patient and family-centered care,
                       Valley Health System will be the health system of choice for our community.  inspired by our patients. Their
                                                                                    words make our work worthwhile.
                                   We are here to SERVE & CARE.
                        We are committed to Zero Harm, 100% Reliability and the Safety of all.   “ Thank you for helping me get
                                                                                     through a most difficult time of my
                                                                                     life. I appreciate your kindness and
                 S ervice:  We are privileged to collaborate with and serve our patients, their families,
                          our community and each other.
                                                                                     willingness to listen to me and my
                 E xcellence: We maintain the highest standards of care at all times.  concerns.”
                 R espect: We treat everyone with dignity and sensitivity.
                                                                                    “ Like many others, I can’t thank you
                 V alue:  We provide high quality patient and family centered healthcare services efficiently    enough for your caring and thoughtful
                        and effectively to all.
                 E thics:  We are honest and fair in all we say and do.              treatment style at a time when I needed
                                                                                     it most. Your knowledge, expertise, and
                                                                                     care for my well-being has been of great
                 C onnect: First, make a connection.
                 A ttitude:  Attitude is everything.
                                                                                    “ Your gentleness and compassion
                 R esilience: Believe in your strength.
                                                                                     are equal to your medical expertise and
                 E mpathy: Walk a mile in another’s shoes.                           our family is forever grateful for the
                                                                                     way you cared for our mother during
                                                                                     her life.”

                                                                                                                             9/14/21   9:20 AM
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