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That is why the region has relied on Valley since 1951. Its award-winning care rivals
                larger metropolitan healthcare systems. With physicians, nurses, and technicians who
                are at the top of their fields, patients and families can rest assured that they are
                receiving the best possible care at the highest standards.

                The new Valley campus in Paramus will build upon existing Valley programs with
                the cutting-edge facilities necessary to deliver and expand upon Valley’s reputation

                for excellence.

                Valley-Mount Sinai Comprehensive

                Cancer Care

                                                                        hematologic oncology, brain tumors, skin
                                                                        cancer, and head and neck cancer. In addition,
                                                                        Valley engages in novel research to test new
                                                                        paradigms and drug therapies.

                                                                        But cancer treatment goes beyond clinical care.
                Valley’s goal in cancer care is to offer the            At Valley, the priority is to treat the whole
                highest quality care, from prevention,                  patient and provide access to support services
                screening, early detection, diagnosis and               (including financial advocates), integrative and
                treatment through survivorship and/or end               complementary therapies, palliative and home
                of life — with empathy and reliability.                 care, and treatment for co-morbid conditions
                                                                        — all in a caring and personalized environment.
                An academic partnership with Mount Sinai                Dedicated nurse navigators help to coordinate
                Health System helps to expand Valley’s existing         care and guide patients and families through
                strengths and supports delivery of evidence-            the complexities of treatment.
                based treatment for cancer, access to clinical
                trials and Mount Sinai specialists, collaborative
                case review, and the highest standards of
                care. Mount Sinai specialists see patients at
                Valley’s Luckow Pavilion in Paramus. Valley’s
                specializations include breast cancer, lung

                cancer, urologic oncology, gastrointestinal
                cancers (including esophageal, gastric,
                hepatobiliary, neuroendocrine, pancreatic
                and colorectal cancers) gynecologic oncology,


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