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Women’s and Children’s


                                                                           Women’s and Children’s Services at Valley
                                                                           provide evidence-based, expert, holistic, and
                                                                           compassionate care throughout one’s life.

                                                                           Keys to success lie with the people providing
                                                                           care — a dedicated team of physicians,
                                                                           nurses, and staff who deliver outstanding
                                                                           care with the compassion for which Valley

                                                                           is known.

                                                                           Valley offers a wide spectrum of services
                                                                           for women and children of all ages. These
                                                                           include the Center for Childbirth (which
                                                                           includes a level 3 neonatal intensive
                                                                           care unit), maternal-fetal medicine with

                                                                           genetic counseling, fertility, reproductive
                                                                           endocrinology, obstetrics, gynecology
                                                                           (including minimally invasive surgery) and
                                                                           urogynecology. The Valley Hospital was
                                                                           the first hospital in New Jersey to receive
                                                                           the Joint Commission’s Gold Seal for
                                                                           Excellence in perinatal care. In addition,

                                                                           Valley offers exceptional services exclusively
                                                                           for women in cancer and cardiac care.

                                                                           Child-specific specialists deliver services for
                                                                           children and adolescents, including pediatric
                                                                           critical care, pediatric subspecialty care
                                                                           in endocrinology, pulmonary medicine,
                                                                           gastrointestinal diseases and emergency

                                                                           care, with a separately staffed Emergency
                                                                           Department exclusively for children and
                                                                           adolescents. The Kireker Center for Child
                                                                           Development is recognized throughout
                                                                           the region for its breadth and depth of
                                                                           services and for providing special care
                                                                           that often incorporates the entire family
                                                                           in its approach to diagnosis and therapy.
                                                                           It is no wonder that women choose

                                                                           Valley for themselves and their family.


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